Folsom Custom Cuts & Inn LLC

About our Beef:
Our beef is homegrown and Holmes-raised in Perry County, Alabama. Deep in the Black Belt these cattle graze on forages on some of the richest soil in the Southeast. They are given no growth hormones or antibiotics. We have them processed and packaged one at a time so the meat you get comes from one source.


Our farm has been in the same family since it was homesteaded in 1819 by William Moore. Going into the 1940s, J.C. and Charlie Webb started making a name for themselves in the cattle business as the Webb Brothers. In 1972, Charles Holmes came back from Auburn University to apprentice under his two uncles, J.C. and Charlie. Charles’ two youngest sons, Webb and Cooper, followed his footsteps and are now six-generation farmers working the same land that has been passed down to them for almost 200 years.

Quick Facts about Holmestead Beef:


  •   All natural
  •   Homegrown in Perry County, Ala.
  •   USDA Inspected
  •   Vacuum packaged
  •   Aged for a minimum of three weeks
  •   Sold in Quarters, Halves or Whole

Bulk Ordering:

Our All-Natural Beef can also be purchased in a quarter, half or a whole beef and is processed at Cox Butcher Shop, a USDA inspected facility. It is dry-aged for three week for optimal taste and tenderness, vacuum-packed and flash frozen to insure that the wholesome taste is preserved for your delight. Be sure to give our beef a test drive by picking some up at Pepper Place Market in Birmingham on Saturdays.

Buying Holmestead beef in bulk is a great way to make sure you get the best variety of cuts including the top of the line steaks, roasts, and our very popular ground chuck. Our quarter of beef is approximately 100 lbs and includes a mixture of cuts from the front and the hind quarters:

  • 4 Filets
  • 4 Strips
  • 4 Ribeyes
  • 2 Sirloin
  • 1 Brisket
  • 3 Roasts (Sirloin Tip, Chuck, Rump)
  • 4 Round Steak
  • Cube Steak
  • Ground Chuck (80/20)

*Note: if buying this quantity of meat is overwhelming for one, there is always the option of splitting the amount with friends or family.

For more information contact Cooper Holmes: 205.292.6356 (cell) or 334.683.2848 (home)